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Hello All,

I'm a fluffy, fabulous, and fifty-something writer from Northern Canada with a weakness for chocolate and a predilection for novels of dubious distinction. I write thrillers, mysteries, and cozies.

At present my latest novel Out of the Woods is in the query trenches. I'm revising and resubmitting it to a very cool New Yawk agent. She is as confused by my lack of wifi as I am by her commute to work so we may make a good team. The plan is for her to sign me as a client, help me build a shelf-chock-full of awesome books, and make me fabulously wealthy. Failing that, if she sells my book for a pittance I'd be delighted. Heck, if she answers my next email I'll be over the moon.

If you want your funny-bone tickled, peruse the content in the fails page. Spoiler alert--they aren't all fails. None of the content is proprietary. If you own an image and want it removed please email me.

Feel free to sign up through the link below. I can faithfully promise that you will not be inundated with uninteresting mail. I will not attempt to teach you how to:

  • write the next literary masterpiece,
  • invest in bit coins,
  • or win friends and influence people

... mostly because I have no clue how to do any of those things.

What you will receive are pithy messages warning you that there is a contest in the works, or that there is Life Altering News pertaining to my novel.

Have a good one,



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